Design, consent and management


Are you ready to get started on your dream house or house extension plans? We can help your idea to become a reality from design, consent to approved plans and finished extension. Using the right designer is vital for maintaining cost and agree on a timeframe during construction. 

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Sauna shower solution


Our unique projects are what set us apart from our other services and other competitors. We strive to take on the most bizarre ideas and make them into a reality. With our personalisation an involvement with you, we will work together to make your most exciting ideas become a part of your home. 

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Transform your beloved home into something fresh and new! With this being our #1 speciality and most required service, we strive for absolute involvement with you to achieve the new home you desire. We listen to our customer ideas and dreams, unify with their needs and possibilities. We will help you find the best solution and optimize the space you own to turn it into your new dream home. 

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"6 important reasons for home renovation"

Deck with outdoor kitchen


Kiwis are everything about outdoors. An outside area can extend your home to its fullest potential. Our team has been designing and building decks, verandas, patios, carports, pergolas and pool houses for years. Adding a deck to your property will give you open-plan space, whether it be recreational, practical or both! New area can be used for dinners with friends, exercising or use as your kid's playroom. 

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Our job is to help you optimize your existing home and introduce a new area into your living space. We will plan and create the best possible outcome together, either it’s an extended living space, kitchen, modern bathroom or bedroom in addition to your home.

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New builds


Whether you’re considering a new section or a knockdown and rebuild or something unique - our team can build your new dream home. From design to build and delivery, we take care of every step to make sure that it is a hassle-free process for you. 

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